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Fujifilm Finepix X100 tips & tricks

10 June 2012 


1. Latest Firmware Version 1.30

Checking Firmware version : Turn on X100 while holding down DISP/BACK button.

Update Firmware : download FPUPDATE.dat file (33,058 KB) & copy in root directory of X100 formated memory card, insert the card in X100, turn on X100 while holding down DISP/BACK button then follow the instruction to press MENU/OK button. 

2. Silent Mode - Press DISP/BACK button for a second to ON or OFF

3. Control Lock - Press Menu/OK button for a second to lock/unlock the RAW button & DRIVE, flash, WB, macro button. 

4. Selecting ON for OVF POWER SAVE MODE

5. RAW button assigned ISO

6. Fn button assigned FILM SIMULATION or ND FILTER

7. Image Quality Setting : FINE (jpeg) for printing purpose, Normal (jpeg) for screen use only, save 50% more card space, Raw for real photographers. 

8. Recording Movies increase zoom by 3X - press left hand side AE button, press AF to cancel zoom


10. Remove Front Ring screw Adapter Ring & 49mm filter (UV), taped a foam inside the original Lens Cap to cover the lens.

11. Use 8gb SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s or Transcend UHS-I Class 10 SDHC card

12. Use hot shoe cap or thumb up grip

13. Use shutter cable release for shutter speed B (bulb)

14. Replacement for NP-95 battery (DC3.6V, 1800mAh), use Ricoh DB-90 (DC3.6V,1700mAh) or no brand 3rd party battery (DC3.6V~3.7V, 1400~2600mAh) will not harm your camera but loose charge quickly.

15. ISO AUTO CONTROL can accessed using ISO item option (page 1/4) in Shooting Menu


17. Macro Mode: 10cm~200cm, use aperture F2.8~F5.6

18. Quickest way to enter Macro Mode- double press macro button

19. ISO 100 ~ ISO 800 : bright outdoor & indoor

      ISO 800 ~ ISO 1600 : indoor

      ISO 3200 ~ ISO 6400 : dark place & night, use F2.8/F2.0 or Flash

      ISO 12800 : black & white shooting. night adjust -2/3EV~-1EV

20. Noise Reduction setting : High for soften skin, STD for normal, Low for Black & White.

21. Film Simulation Setting : PROVIA/STD for red color, VELVIA for yellow color & most situations, ASTIA for blue color & portraits.

22. Film Simulation Monochrome Setting:  MONOCHROME for Standard Black & White, MONOCHROME + Ye FILTER for landscapes, MONOCHROMER FILTER for high contrast subjects, blue & green turn dark, Yellow & Red turn bright, MONOCHROME + G FILTER for portraits. 

23. White Balance (WB) setting : AUTO for rookie, Color Temperature Selection: 2500K (coldest) ~ 10000K (warmest), Direct Sunlight for subject in direct sunlight (cold), Shade for subjects in the shade (warm), Fluorescent 1,2,3 for Daylight Fluorescent, Warm White Fluorescent & Cool White Fluorescent, Incandescent for indoor yellow light place (cold), Underwater is warm sunlight white balance.

24. Custom White Balance setting : Select Custom WB, place the paper or card over the lens, point the camera to light source then press shutter button, if COMPLETED displayed, press MENU/OK

25. WB SHIFT Setting: +3 (R-Cy axis), -3 (B-Ye axis) become warm

26. CORRECTED AF FRAME setting ON (page 6/6) in SET-UP Menu, a 2nd focus frame for focus distances of about 80cm will add in the OVF display.

27. Fast shutter speed may not be available at large apertures. Shutter speed 1/4000S for aperture F8~F16, 1/2000S for F4~F16, 1/1000S for F2~F16.

28. If you want to shoot in direct bright sun & use shutter speed 1/4000S - use ND filter

29. ND Filter of X100 : Neutral Density filter reduces exposure by equivalent of 3EV, EV decreases by 1, the amount of light is 1/2, so the X100 ND filter is ND8 type.

30. Wide Conversion Lens WCL-X100 designed for X100 to achieve premium quality comparable to that of the original lens even when wide open at F2.0 & does not affect the min. working distance in macro photography.

WCL-X100 specification:

Magnification Approx. x0.8

Focal length of X100 with WCL-X100 f=19mm (equivalent to 28mm on a 35mm camera)

Lens configuration 4 lenses in 3 groups

Weight Approx. 150 g (5.3 oz.)

Dimensions ø 55 mm (2.2 in.) x L 37 mm (1.5 in.)

Filter diameter ø 49mm

Accessories Lens caps (front and rear), Lens pouch

Price USD350


49. The reason choose X100 over X-pro1 :

a) Portability, smaller, lighter, fit in your pocket & small bag.

b) Built-in flash & fixed lens easy to use for the whole family.

c) Silent shutter & bigger view finder.

d) Silver Black is prettier to look at.

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