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Treasure of Classical Music / Records 2 Die 4

Composer Collection List (Brahms)


Symphony no.1, op68

Symphony no.2, op73

Symphony no.3, op90

Symphony no.4, op98


Variations on a Theme by Joseph Haydn, op56a

Academic Festival Overture, op80

Tragic Overture, op81

Ungarische Tanze (21 Hungarian Dances), WoO1

Serenade no.1, op11

Serenade no.2, op16


Piano Concerto no.1, op15

Piano Concerto no.2, op83

Violin Concerto, op77

Double Concerto, op102


String Sextet no.1, B flat major, op18

String Sextet no.2, G major, op36

Piano Quintet, f minor, op34

Clarinet Quintet, b minor, op115

String Quartet no.1, c minor, op51.1

String Quartet no.2, a minor, op51.2

String Quartet no.3, B flat major, op67

Horn Trio, E flat major, op40

Violin Sonata no.1 “Regenlied”, G major, op78

Violin Sonata no.2, A major, op100

Violin Sonata no.3, d minor, op108

Cello Sonata no.1, e minor, op38

Cello Sonata no.2, F major, op99

Clarinet Sonata no.1, f minor, op120.1

Clarinet Sonata no.2, e flat major, op120.2

String Quintet no.1, F major, op88

String Quintet no.2, G major, op111

Piano Quartet no.1, g minor, op25

Piano Quartet no.2, G major, op26

Piano Quartet no.3, c minor, op60

Piano Trio no.1, B major, op8

Piano Trio no.2, C major, op87

Piano Trio no.3, c minor, op101

Clarinet Trio, a minor, op114


Piano Sonata no.1, C major, op1  

Piano Sonata no.2, f sharp minor, op2

Piano Sonata no.3, f minor, op5

Scherzo, e flat minor, op4

Variations on a Theme by Robert Schumann, c sharp minor, op9

4 Ballades, op10

11 Variations on an Original Theme, D major, op21.1

14 Variations on a Hungarian Melody, D major, op21.2 

Variations & Fugue on a Theme by Handel, op24

Variations on a Theme by Paganini, op35

8 Pieces, op76

2 Raphsodies, op79

7 Fantasien, op116

3 Intermezzi, op117

6 Stucke, op118

4 Pieces, op119

2 Gavottes for piano, WoO3

Walzer (no.1-16), op39

Ungarische Tanze

11 Chorale Preludes for organ, op122


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