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Chopin 24 Etudes Difficulty Ranking

1 op10-06 e flat minor
2 op10-09 f minor
3 op25-09 G flat Major Butterfly
4 op25-01 A flat Major Aeolian Harp
5 op25-07 c sharp minor Cello
6 op25-02 f minor The Bees
7 op10-03 E Major Tristesse
8 op10-05 G flat Major Black Key
9 op10-11 F flat Major Arpeggio
10 op25-03 F major The Horseman
11 op25-08 D flat Major Sixths
12 op10-12 c minor Revolutionary
13 op25-05 e minor Wrong Note
14 op10-07 C Major Toccata
15 op10-10 A flat Major
16 op25-04 a minor
17 op10-04 c sharp minor Torrent
18 op10-08 F major Sunshine
19 op25-12 c minor Ocean
20 op10-02 a minor Chromatic
21 op10-01 C Major Waterfall
22 op25-10 b minor Octaves
23 op25-06 g sharp minor Thirds
24 op25-11 a minor Winter Wind

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